Thursday, June 3, 2010

"The blessings come down as the prayers go up. . . "

Today was another successful day at the Haven. We continued our group swallowing therapy. The babies are getting more used to therapy and are showing major improvements! YAY! When we first got the Haven 1, we noticed that Meagan and Kelly were not doing so hot. They were both coughing and crying more than usual. For the last two days we have noticed a change in Meagan's personality and feeding in comparison to previous weeks so we all began getting worried that something more serious might be wrong with her. The doctor came to do an eval on her and Kelly this afternoon so we should know more about their conditions soon.

say a special prayer for Kelly
And also a special prayer for Meagan
This morning I worked with Kelly's twin sister, Kelsey. I am glad she is still healthy and feeding. She seems a little worried about her sister. A lot of times when Kelly started crying, Kelsey would chime in with a pitiful cry as well. so sweet.

Me with Kelsey and Meagan. It is not uncommon to have two or MORE babies in your lap at a time around here! We are big on multi tasking. :)

Cute little Dennis at Haven 3. He was not so sure about therapy today and cried most of the session. The babies have their good days and their bad days. We think he had a tummy ache. Hopefully little Dennis will feel better tomorrow.

After talking with Mrs. Kathy, she asked Caroline and our group to try to see if Choolwe would eat pourage because he has been losing weight. He is HIV positive and has been near death a few times because of his failure to thrive. We are working on getting him healthy! Today we got him to eat rice cereal mixed with milk for extra protein. He loved it and ate it both in the morning AND afternoon! and kept it down! HUGE improvement! YAY! Caroline is doing an AWESOME job with him.

Kaylee and I decided that Choolwe and Matt need to be buddies.... so we incorporated a lot of social language into our swallowing session today. They were so cute together!

Lushomo and me.... Im starting to get more used to this chetinge business! For those of you that dont know, the women here wrap their babies in chetinge fabrics to carry them so that they can be hands free. kind of like a little cocoon, as we like to call it! haha. I love it!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we found out Sidney has pneumonia. She was doing a lot better today after getting some meds and shots. She slept most of the session and actually finished a WHOLE bottle. Keep the prayers coming!
I will keep you updated on how these little ones are feeling tomorrow.