Monday, June 21, 2010

Last night in Livingstone!

Again, I have an unlimited amount of internet here at the hotel, so this will have to be a short post until I get back to Namwianga tomorrow.

Today we got up and did some shopping at the Livingstone market! I am really excited about all the cool stuff I got for gifts! (Bubba and Bubby- you will LOVEEE your gifts!) After being hounded by all the vendors we could handle, we headed to eat lunch around noon .We were sad to see that Funky Monkey Pizza was closed when we got there ….so instead we had a picnic lunch in the parking lot of a shopping center. After lunch we made a quick stop at the hotel to drop off all our stuff we bought at the market before heading to Victoria Falls… in order to free up some room in Kahaki Jackie.
View of Victoria Falls. . . one of the SEVEN WONDERS of the world.
Victoria Falls is even more AHHHHMAZING in the day light! (For those of you that don’t know what Victoria Falls is. . . you can read my previous post from when we went to see the moon bow there at night) A few of us decided to run across the bridge and got completely soaked! It reminded me of the “log ride” at six flags. So much stinkin fun! While we were running across the bridge we saw THE BIGGEST and PRETTIEST rainbow I have ever seen in my whole entire life. I was in awe. Wish I could have gotten pics of it, but didn’t wanna risk getting my camera soaked in the down pour! Rats!

before the bridge run
our group that crossed the bridge....soaking wet!!

haha. couldn't resist!

me and kay... we looked preggo with our bags tucked under our rain jackets. and mascara running down our faces. super fashionable. . . . not. but totally worth it!

After roaming the falls for a couple of hours and taking pictures we went back to the hotel to change into some dry clothes and load up for our sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. It was really nice and relaxing! They served us appetizers and dinner, which was fabulous! We cruised the Zambezi for about two hours, saw some hippos and crocs (of course) and enjoyed watching the sunset.

our boat!
party on the back of the boat!

Tomorrow morning we plan on going back to the market to do some last minute shopping and then we will be heading to the mission to pack and get everything ready to leave to come home! Can’t believe the trip is almost over and it is our last night in Livingstone! Only a few more days…… starting to get sad!