Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who needs Fisher Price?

This morning, Catherine, Kaylee, and I decided to take the “short cut” to the Haven in order to have extra time before therapy to work on our Capstone projects. This “short cut” took off ten minutes of our normal morning walk, HOWEVER... we were definitely out in the "bush"! Kinda creeped us out that a cheetah (caroline’s biggest fear) or other type of wild animal might jump out and attack so I think we are gonna stick to the regular route the rest of the week! Haha.

The "short cut"

When we got to the Haven I noticed Charlie had a book. Well…what appeared to be a book! All the pages were ripped out…

So I decided he needed a hat instead! Haha. So cute!
As you can see from the pic, Charlie's eye is getting a LOT better. He had a really bad case of Pink eye so we have been extraaaa cautious at Haven 2 and have sanitized religiously.

This morning it made me realize how fortunate kids are in the US to have such FANCY toys. We take for granted having an abundance of unneeded toys that light up and play music. Most kids have more toys in their bedrooms in the US than all these kids at the Haven have combined. This morning alone I saw Charlie with a book with no pages, Katie with a huge rock that she was throwing back and forth, Emma with a tree branch which she used to "sweep" the rocks, and Bright with a homemade sling shot.
Who needs Fisher Price when you have giant rocks??

These kids play with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. So keep in mind that donations of "old" toys, or donations of any toys that your children have outgrown or don't need anymore make amazinggg toys here and are always accepted! (they can be mailed to Harding and shipped to the mission) wink wink! ;)

Linny on the "round and round" sporting her world cup attire! thata girl!

Language Therapy went fabulous today! Jaimie and I had our normal group at one end of the porch while Marja and Rach had their session on the other. Our group was really rowdy today, but we bribed them with smarties candy to stay in their seats! Perfect plan! We played a game using bottles and mini beanie babies stuffed inside. (Still using our creative sides without materials) They of course loved it and we got a lot of good interactions and imitations!

Amazing what a little candy can do! ;)

At Haven 2, Rachel and I led the babies in the “pink room” They did sooo amazing! They were all dancing, singing, and clapping in their cribs. Sam even requested “more” all on his own! We were so excited! This is a big deal for this kiddo! Marja came in and videoed our whole therapy session. I can’t wait to see it!
This afternoon at Haven 2, I was in charge of the girls again but this time one of the Auntie’s daughter’s, Rose, helped me lead some songs and activities. She was so sweet and helpful and I hope she continues doing our language activities at the Haven after we leave. I videoed her leading some Zambian songs as well. She felt so honored and wanted her picture taken! I just love her!

Me and Rose, my special helper
Catherine looking all innocent. . . don't let her fool you! ;) haha.
The girls were hyper as usual and Catherine was definitely the star of the show, as always. Here she is completely smooshing Sam to get in the picture! Poor sam! Haha. (Don’t worry, I didn’t leave him there long hehe) Typical Catherine! gotta love her!

Christine and Sam.
I think Christine might have just earned her way into my family that I plan on bringing back to America. Her smile is so stinkin cute and I think she would look good with Matt, Meagan, and Ethel….what do ya think? haha. I’m gonna need an EXTRAAA big bag! Make that two please!

At Haven 1 this afternoon I was also in charge of leading a group session. They were all a little fussy with it being feeding time, but overall it went really well. Elias and Bester (one of the many sets of twins) were extra happy and playful today, while most of the others were hungry and cranky. I don't know how single moms do it! Having all these kids at once was def a task!

Court and Elaine needed some extra loving after such a rough bath time!
giving court some extra attention. she was a fussy thing!
Me leading language session

Today was my first day to get to work with Nathan since he is new to the Haven. He is QUITE the talker! I was so impressed with him and his cute little smile! So adorable!

Keep all the babies in your prayers. Only 3 more days of therapy left and 9 more days until we are home!! :)



I was just thinking yesterday when I read your blog how I wanted to send stuff over there...like as Ella grows her clothes, toys ect...so now I can give them to you and do it that way! That is so sad how much they do not have, so I will get with you and get you some things....we have plenty....take care and im gonna go put my makeup back on it broke my heart seeing them and hearing about there homemade toys...we take life and our "things" for granted and we don't realize how lucky we are. Take Care!