Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The electricity has not been too great here lately. Last night it was off for nearly 3 hours so I haven't had a chance to blog. All day yesterday I kept feeling nauseous at the Havens, but I kept fighting off the urge to puke. Well when I got home I couldn't fight it off anymore. I threw up. twice. Yuck. I haven't felt good this morning either, but I am hoping it is just a little bug...much like the one almost everyone else has had here too. Please pray that I am feeling better today and can help these little ones to the best of my ability. (I will be okay mom and dad. Don't worry)
Today is Rachel's birthday so Kaylee and I got up early and decorated her room and living room with streamers and a happy birthday banner. Hope this brightens her day! We love you Rach! Leonard, our cook, also made her a cake. It says "Happy Birth Day cake for you!" so funny!

Therapy went well today. We did our usual work at Havens 1 and 3. During therapy today we decided to chetinge our babies like the women here in Africa. It was so neat but also made me kind of nervous! Not normal to have a baby hanging from your back by a tied piece of fabric. But, since the aunties at the Haven had taught Sara how to tie them, she gave us a quick lesson and helped us get them tied securely on our backs. So cute! Dunno why we don't do this in America?!!! haha. They are actually pretty comfortable and we would have free hands to be much better multi-taskers!:)

Me and little Miller. He was a little bit of a cry baby today so I pulled him around to the front of my body instead of my back. While holding him I was able to feed Wesley at the same time. So convenient! ha.

This afternoon while we were at Haven 3, Sidney (one of the twins) was having a really tough time getting her bottle down and we also noticed she was having a really tough time breathing. She kept coughing and coughing. Because both her and twin sister have TB, we are used to them coughing and having a little struggle because of their weak lungs, but Dr. Weaver said she thought it sounded a little strange.... like something more was wrong than just her TB. She ended up getting so bad that Dr. Weaver and Dr. Tullos decided they needed to take her to the Mission's clinic down the road to be checked out. This little girl needed medical attention asap and we were all determined to get her there as soon as possible. When they left the room with her, Caroline and I were both really upset and started crying like the two biggest babies! It really breaks your heart to see some of these children struggling so much. Reminds me that they didn't choose this life for themselves, and how lucky we are to be healthy and have loving parents to take care of us. When they got to the clinic they found that Sidney was having an asthma attack and also has pneumonia. Poor thing! Please say a special prayer that Sidney gets better and that it doesn't spread to the rest of the Haven.

I am feeling much better and have not thrown up today. Thank you so much for the prayers and messages! Hopefully we will all stay healthy throughout the remainder of our trip!