Friday, June 11, 2010

Gangsta's Paradise!

Every morning Catherine, Kaylee and I walk to the Haven. At a fast pace, it is about a 30 minute walk down a very interesting dirt road. We always have different adventures and "situations". :)

Yesterday morning we got the bright idea to take shadow pics, so we found ourselves standing in the middle of the road for a good 5 min just snapping away. We did a bunch of different ones like:

peace and love



This morning, Caroline decided that we should do individual therapy with a different child of her choice- in thirty minute intervals. . . all on our own! I was pretty confident in this because Caroline has been such an awesome teacher. She gave us a "crash course" PowerPoint lesson on pediatric feeding and swallowing on Thursday afternoon. We have been learning so much! At haven 2, I worked with Amanda and Sidney. Amanda was contrary as usual, but cute as can be! Whats not to love about her?!
Sidney showed major improvement and sat up all by herself for about 5 seconds! woo hoo! :) She is getting stronger and stronger everyday. I am so glad she is feeling better and has been able to fight the pneumonia off! She didn't mind her Beckman exercises and responded well to my singing! :) She was happy to get to enjoy therapy this afternoon on the porch with her twin sissy, Shelby.

Sid and Shelby

At Haven 2 we pulled all our feeding kids to the porch for therapy since it was so nice outside. The weather here is amazing, but of course since its "winter" we had to put hats on all our little guys again. I got to work with Teagan and Meagan. Teagan is in LOVEEE with rice cereal. I couldn't get the spoon to her mouth fast enough for her. she is doing great. I had to take a pic of her in her LADYBUG dress because of my sorority. So precious!

Teagan representing ASA. :) haha.

Me and Meagan on the porch before therapy

Meagan is doing SO MUCH better! Thanks so much for all your prayers! She sat up all by herself the WHOLE time I fed her. We were all SO impressed! MAJOR improvement! She usually cant sit unassisted for very long. you can tell she is feeling MUCH MUCH better. After doing therapy with some of the kids, we decided to put them in the swings to see how they would like it. Feeding+swings=nap time! :)

sweet little miller literally passed out! haha. :)

While we are talking about improvements. . . . check out Bennet!! (syphilis patient) His face looks soooo much better! Dr. Weaver didn't even recognize him! If you have read my previous blogs, you can tell he looks like a different child! yay!

Okay on a SERIOUSSS note... haha, no really. . . :) we all have our "favorites" that we plan on kidnapping and hiding in our carry ons back to America. This is MY MATT. I am in love with this little boy. He is housed in Haven 2, with all the medically fragile babies because of his TB. But this doesn't stop him from being the happiest baby on the block. :) Apparently he thinks I am the funniest looking thing that ever walked because he laughs and smiles at me ALL the time! Even if am having a bad day, I know his cute little grin will make me better. He is the runt of the group and is sooo tiny, besides his big little belly! haha. I always get a kick out of playing dress up with him in whatever adorable or outrageous outfit I can find in the mornings. Today, since we had them on the porch I found him a "gangsta hat". hilarious. Me and Rach both got a kick out of cocking Dennis and Matt's hats to the sides. hehe. He is the one in my previous blog doing the "thumbs up!" hes a card!

MY Matt

us with our "gangstas"

I have decided he will fit in my carry on with so much ease that nobody will even know! If only I could find another bag big enough for Ethel and Meagan my plan would be complete! (insert evil laugh here...haha)

Speaking of "gangsta". . . Check out MY ETHEL'S new hair do. Since I have been doing feeding therapy and not language therapy this week, I have really been missing her and haven't gotten to see her as much! This morning I about DIED when I saw her! haha. so funny. She looks like she belongs in a Coolio rap video,pimpin' in her truck! :) haha. I get THE biggest hugs from her and they just make my day. She might just have to be chitenged to me on the plane ride back!

This afternoon after me and Kaylee worked on our CAPSTONE research project, we headed over to the Haven to give the babies some extra love. When we got there, I met our newest addition to Haven 1. She hasn't been named yet, so we are all excited to learn more about her and get to work with her. :)

New baby girl
I was SOOOOO excited to see that Ian and some of the other guys on the mission were watching the first game of the world cup in the Haven! I sat playing with Shawn and got to watch part of the game! I have played soccer my whole life. . . even started out on a boys team (as the only girl) when I was itty bitty and played EVERY year up until my sophomore year when I had to quit for Tennis. . .so you can just imagine how SADDDDD I am that I am IN SOUTHERN AFRICA while the World Cup is going on in SOUTH AFRICA!!! AHHHH. such a TEASE!!! Rachel is a big soccer fan too so we have been whining to each other about how bad we wanna be there! Prob wouldn't be too safe for us there anyway, but mannnnn. we are SOOOO CLOSE!!!

My view of the game! :)

After we got back from dinner, the electricity and water were both out. (surprise, surprise!! haha) Before digging our noses into our books, we decided we should give the porch some extra decoration! With our handy dandy head lamps of course! haha. such a sight! What a funny end to a Friday night!

Tomorrow the group plans to head into Choma to go shopping and visit the Museum again since Mrs. Tullos didnt get to go the first time with us! Kaylee, Caroline, and I have decided to sleep in and catch up on some major relaxing! woo hoo! We want to save our money for our trip to Livingstone next week. We have so many cool things planned such as going on a safari and going back to Victoria Falls in the day light. In addition...Kaylee, Rachel, and I plan on going on an Elephant Ride! It is supposed to be really neato! We read up on it and its a guided three hour tour! So its kind of pricey! No more chitenge shopping for us! Bring on the elephants!! haha!

Goodnight! :)



I love your shadow pictures! I think you should pack Matt away and bring him home. If there's room for Miller, I'll take him. : ) So glad you are feeling better and back in the game! Ms. Lowry