Saturday, June 19, 2010

Monkey Situation

Today we got up and drove to Livingstone! We are staying at the Protea Hotel again! So excited to get to sleep in a queen size bed and have a hot shower! Because the internet here at the hotel is limited, they give each person a voucher for a certain amount of time to access their wi-fi. So… I won’t be able to add as many pics today. . . but I will hopefully be able to uploaded tons of pics when I get back to the Mission on Tuesday.
We started off our day by going to the shopping center that is next to our hotel. If you have read my previous blogs, you know which one I’m referring to. After grabbing a bite to eat at Rhapsody’s, me and Kaylee headed over to the mini market just to look. Or so we thought. . . . These people were so pushy! Kaylee and I were basically cornered and felt like we basically got robbed! Haha. I bought all kinds of gifts because I COULD NOT tell them no. If you bought from one of them, the others saw it, got upset, and began pleading with you to buy from them too. One lady kept saying “hey sister, please please please come look at my things. I work very hard” Another guy that we referred to as “Bob Marley” said “I come from village, please support my family.” This broke my heart! I couldn’t NOT buy from each of them. I ended up getting two beaded hippo magnets for my fridge that one of the nice little men “threw in for free” because he said “you buy from me. Thank you. we friends, these two hippos stick together . . . friends. Me and you.” Soooo sweet. I will happily display my hippos on my fridge when I get home and always remember this little guy! I got some really neat hand carved things for CHEAP! It’s amazing what they can make! My pappaw and these people would get along just fine! Love you pappaw!
After our situation at the mini market, Kaylee and I decided to take a quick nap before meeting up with the rest of the group to go to the Royal Livingstone. When we arrived we could NOT believe our eyes. Let me just say that this place is AHHH-MAZING. It was absolutely gorgeous. Just to get a good picture in your head, this place costs a thousand dollars a night. Needless to say we aren’t staying here! Haha. As we were driving up we saw 3 ZEBRAS standing in the front yard. Just chilling. No big deal. Haha. We were all in complete shock. As Marja would say “What up Zebra?!”

I had no clue how big Zebras actually are… I guess I was expecting a little mini pony or something of the sort, but these things are full grown and massive!! We got a bunch of good pics of them…but nothing will compare to the pics we will be getting tomorrow morning on our Safari! We expect to see all kinds of animals. . zebras, giraffes, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, cheetahs, etc... Anywho…back to the Royal Livingstone. Hahaha. It is completely gorgeous! If I EVERRRR get married I want it to be at a place like this!! The Zambezi River runs right in front of the hotel, with a view of Victoria Falls in the distance. When we first got there we saw TONS of monkeys running around the yard too. Me and Kaylee got a little wild hair in us and of course got the bright idea to get a little closer to the tables where the monkeys were playing in order to get a good video on my phone and take some better pics since we don’t have big zooming abilities on our cameras. No big deal right?? Ummmmm. There were probably about 10 monkeys jumping and playing on top of the tables. (By the way, I can now see where the song “10 little monkeys jumping on the bed” originated from)

Monkeys jumping on tables. . . . me and kaylee being brave souls. . . haha

Anywho, they were sitting on top of tables, playing on a hammock, running and jumping from tree to tree and basically acting like little cats waiting to pounce. As we got closer, we were completely amazed and lost in the moment. All of a sudden… a monkey started running towards us! Because my dad had previously warned me about getting bitten by a monkey, I already had a phobia of something like this happening, which caused me to abort! Haha. (Thanks daddy!) I ran as fast as I could and the monkey chased right behind me! And the best part is that I caught it all on video! I have never laughed so hard! The video reminded us of the “Blair Witch” movie. Haha. The monkey was literally pulling on the bottom of my dress! Haha. You will def have to see the video once I get home on Friday! Ian had a little encounter with a monkey too and one of the monkeys actually BIT HIM! Dr. Tullos apparently had to fight off the monkey with his boot! I felt like a dork for running from a monkey, but at least I didn’t get bitten too!! GEEEZ!!! Haha Don’t ever trust a monkey!

Rach was there to capture the moment! Kaylee running. . . you can see me to the far left! hahaha.

The monkeys came right up to us the whole time we were there! This is Ian and his new "friend"
After the monkey situation, we sat out on the porch and watched the sunset enjoying “High Tea”.

This was THE MOST LEGIT dessert bar I have ever seen. They had over 30 different desserts to choose from. We each probably sampled ten (or more) a piece! Haha. Soooo good!

Just PART of the dessert bar!
We then headed out to a deck that sits right out by the Zambezi River and relaxed!

This was absolutely GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to show everyone my pics. There was a little man playing a flute, which totally set the mood. Haha. Dr. Weaver ordered us sparkling water and 12 wine glasses and we made a toast to our successful trip!

The sunset was amazing! I don’t have words for it!

Rachel, Kaylee and I with the Zambezi River behind us.

Group shot!

so pretty!
Tomorrow we will be eating a yummy breakfast buffet at the hotel and then loading up at 7:30 am to go on our Safari! Woooooo hoooooo! Im off to take a HOT SHOWERRRRRR. Yessssss!
Pray that we have a safe trip and the monkeys don’t like me as much on the safari!