Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Funday

This morning we got up and drove to Leonard's church for the morning service. Talk about a was literally out in the middle of NO WHERE...aka "the bush". Just wanna give major props to Dr. Weaver for getting us there safely through the 45 minutes of mountains, bumps, and sand! She has mastered the art of driving on sand. (aka ice) When we arrived we were greeted and serenaded by the Kasibi Church of Christ singers. They were all dressed alike in blue chitenge and matching t-shirts. It was beautiful and we felt so welcome.We made our way into a small building with wooden benches, where we heard a sermon, given by one of the men on the medical mission team, about staying in the "race" for God. It was really neat because there was a translator who was repeating everything he said in Tonga, so it allowed us to pick up on some new words in Tonga. The service lasted a good 2 hours and Leonard (who is an elder of the church) ended the service by thanking our team for attending their service and invited us back to his house for lunch. He is such a happy man full of joy for the Lord. I just love him! After forming a line and shaking the whole congregation's hands (over 100 people) we headed to Leonard's house.

the road from the Church to Leonard's house
Rachel and I took one look at the road ahead of us and decided to climb in the back of Khakie Jackie with Dr. Weaver, since no one else was claiming it. haha! When we started down the road, I saw a bunch of little kids running after us. I yelled for Dr. Weaver to stop and asked her if they could ride with us. Since the rule in Zambia is "There is always room for one more".... we ended up piling 27...yes, 27 people into our little land cruiser! Talk about a record!! haha. We laughed so hard. I videoed this "situation", while Rachel took a head count! (You will definitely have to see the video when I get home) We felt so good about giving them a ride and it def made their day! :)

Dr. Weaver had 6 children in the front seat with her. . . how she drove I have no clue! :) Shes amazing! After all 27 of us were safe and secure, Dr. Weaver headed up the dirt road toward Leonard's house.
When we got there we were so excited to see a band set up under a tree next to his house!! Little did we know what was in store for us!

The band!

We headed inside where Leonard had their traditional Zambian meal prepared of rice, chicken, and sheema for us. When we went back outside I noticed the rest of the congregation was having "pot luck". They were eating what seemed to be pourage out of a big bucket and pouring it into cups and old water bottles. Very different from our traditional pot luck meals in America! Makes you really count your blessings for the little things we have.

After lunch we went outside and the band started playing. All the children (and elderly) gathered around in a circle dancing! This was sooooo much fun! I took so many awesome videos of this that you will have to see when I get home! It reminded me of the show "You think you can dance" because these kids and even grannys do NOT mess around with the dancing! They are dancing machines! haha. Ive never in my life seen people move their hips like this, not even in El Do! hahaha. So refreshing to see people with so much JOY for the Lord! We all joined in and tried to keep up with their dancing, but of course they all laughed at us! ...But we didn't care! It was a blast!! I must say I am actually quite jealous that Hillsboro (my hometown church of christ) does not get down like this after pot luck! hahah!

This pic does not do the dancing any justice! you will have to see the videos when I get home! :)
Kaylee and I with Leonard...our awesome cook and host!

Two sweet little ladies and baby that were apart of the dancing! :)

So I looked over and saw what appeared to be a girl eating a stick and then realized it was a sugar cane! duh. So crazy! :) I almost asked her for a bite. haha.
After we got home we had a meeting about our therapy plans for this week. During the meeting the electricity went out (no big surprise haha). Dr. Weaver came in right afterwards and announced that Ian, Dr. Tullos' son had decided to get baptized tonight! We were all SOOOO excited. We headed to Mrs. Hamby's house.... where two men filled a tub up with water, bucket by bucket. Dr. Tullos baptized Ian and then 5 more Zambians decided to follow Jesus too!! Ian started a trend! :) haha. We are so excited to have 6 new brothers and sisters! It was another amazing Sunday in Zambia!
Tomorrow, we are starting our LAST week of therapy! On Saturday, we will be heading to Livingstone for a mini vay cay as I mentioned in my previous post! It is soooo crazy how fast time has flown! I am getting really sad about leaving. I will be finishing out my last week doing language therapy with Rachel, Jaimie, and Marja. Pray we have a successful last week and help the babies to the best of our abilities! :)



Lacey yall are doing a amazing job...I just got caught up from a few sad about the baby dying. That is heartbreaking and so hard for you I imagine....Its gonna be so hard when you leave. I think your amazing and so proud of you and your blog is great. Cant wait to see you and hear all your stories. Be careful and see you soon.