Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day! :)

Happy Father’s Day to my daddy! I love you! We took shadow pics just for you!
Wish you could have been here to go on the Safari with me! It was amazingggggg!
Before beginning our all day safari, we had to first cross the Botswana border in order to get to Chobe National Park.

We met some nice guys from Mexico that had just been to the World Cup! soooo jealous!!!
When we first arrived at the Chobe Lodge we got on a boat and then after lunch we finished up the safari on a truck! Aka Tan Jan! We had an awesome tour guide named Johnson. He stopped the truck quite often to let us all take pics and oooo and ahhhh as much as we pleased. I could NOT believe my eyes! I don’t even have words for how beautiful all these animals are! God is quite the genius creator! We saw TONS of elephants, hippos, giraffes, guinea hens, Sables, cape buffalos, crocodiles, jackles, impalas, HUGE lizard looking things (haha), wart hogs, meer cats, tons of different birds (including zazoo off of The Lion King) etc. We were up close and personal with all these animals! At one point, an elephant walked right beside our truck…. Within arm’s reach! Kinda freaked us all out a little considering he was almost as big as our truck!! Because our internet here at the hotel is limited . . . I am just gonna leave you with a few pics! Nothing I can say can justify how amazing this trip was! I ended up taking 37 videos on my phone today! Rachel, Cat, Kay and I have a combined total of over 800 pictures. . . (800 is NOT an exaggeration, it’s a true number) So we will definitely be having show and tell at my house when I get home on Friday! I know you are excited momma! Haha. For now enjoy the few that I can get uploaded!
TONS of elephants!

cutest little baby giraffe
The ONE leopard we saw!

Me with the elephants!

Just chillin with the hippos.

on top of the boat deck being RUHH-TARDS as usual...A is for Africa! :) haha.

Kaylee has decided if she could be ANY animal she would be a hippo because they just like to kick it and eat apparently. and I would be the elephant. . . for obvious reasons....(aka ears.) haha.

Mommy elephants and their babies!

we were SUPER close to the elephants! ahhhhh.

Love yall! Happy Father’s Day!